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Be the person you want to be… by getting the body you want to have. Change your body… change your life.

Professional, Incredibly Effective 1 On 1 Personal Training

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The trainers at our gym listen to what you want. Together we decide which workout is best to get you the body of your dreams.

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Personal Trainer,  Gym, Workout, Miami, Florida, 33138  

Jeff Seidman

A legend in the  industry. 

56 years young and certified by The American College of Sports Medicine. Jeff specializes in life changing transformations for men and women. For the last 20 years, he has owned 2 successful personal training facilities in Miami and has helped achieve over 3000 body transformations.

Personal Trainer,  Gym, Workout, Miami, Florida, 33138  

Keith Tortorich

As an M.D. Keith pursued alternative medicine including nutrition and Functional Neurology.  Now works with CEO’s and athletes in conditioning and mindset. Teaches these same techniques to overcome depression and addiction.  He has trained in martial arts, boxing and Thai Chi and taught anatomy, physiology and neurology at a doctorate level.


Uros Nedeljkovic

Uros is a pro hockey player and was captain of the national ice hockey team in Yugoslavia. He has been a personal fitness trainer and ice hockey coach for more than 14 years. Proud father of 2 children.


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Our results-oriented, time-conscious approach is incredibly effective and is perfect for the busy professional who seeks a private and personalized workout experience. Our trainers  help you get the most out of your workout, your time and your money. Take the HIPERFIT challenge and take control of your fitness and health!